Voliere Chandelier
Voliere Chandelier

Voliere Chandelier

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Colour:Natural White


Bodo Sperlein
Unit 2.05-2.06 OXO Tower Wharf
Barge House Street
London SE1 9PH
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The Voliere, a contemporary reinterpretation of 1920s Art Deco chandeliers, commands attention as an opulent centerpiece, boasting a dramatic, layered appearance that invites an intimate atmosphere. With a bespoke and configurable design, it seamlessly adapts to any residential and commercial setting. 

Handmade in Spain with wood veneer sourced from certified forests. The thoughtfully designed structure and materials allow the wood grain texture of the veneer to illuminate, resulting in a captivating interplay of light and shadow, making each design a truly unique work of art.

Designed by Bodo Sperlein for Lzf Lamps.

For more information or to place an order please email studio@bodosperlein.com


Product name: Voliere chandelier

Brand: Lzf Lamps

Materials: wood veneer

Finishes: natural white

Dimensions: 154 x 87 cm

Light source: 

220 - 250V

E12 & E26 Lamp Holder

Dimmable Bulb