An array of table decor collections suited to any table setting or occasion, as seen in a multitude of Michelin Star restaurants.


Drawing on traditional Japanese motifs whilst introducing a contemporary perspective through colour and form, Bodo’s designs fuse the Eastern and Western aesthetic in these collections.


Collections with decors of timeless elegance featured on hand turned fine bone china, such as motifs of Winter trees and veined patterns of marble.


Exploring the company’s historical identity, the designs pay homage to the quality of Lladró’s porcelain through the use of natural and animal forms.

Pomona tempest

A tableware collection with a dynamic and organic touch, that draws inspiration from stormy skies and the atmospheric paintings of Turner.

white sculptural

Individually crafted, with delicate and distinctively asymmetrical forms, the collection showcases the unwavering commitment to British craftsmanship.

michelin star restaurants

Bodo Sperlein takes great pleasure in acknowledging and applauding the distinguished Michelin-star restaurants of 2024. These exceptional establishments have masterfully combined their culinary artistry with Bodo Sperlein's unique and exquisite tableware decorations, resulting in a harmonious pairing that truly enhances the dining experience.

Here are a handful of esteemed restaurants that use Bodo Sperlein decor.