Bodo Sperlein Pomona Tempest Teapot

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Pomona Tempest is an ethereal series, balancing delicate forms with artistic, asymmetrical colour. Made from finest porcelain, each piece is available in several finishes, including an additional gilded line for a more luxurious statement.

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Product Name: Pomona Teapot
Decors: Blue Tempest, Grey Tempest, Grey Tempest w/Goldline, Blue with Tempest w/Goldline, Platinum Line, White
Brand: Tane
Materials: Fine Porcelain

This product is dishwasher safe


Height: 12cm
Width: 23cm
Depth: 23cm

The Pomona collection is named after the Roman goddess of fruitfulness and utilises same curvaceous forms and attention to surface detail as the silverware. Evocative of stormy skies and Turner’s atmospheric paintings, the Tempest pattern continues the theme of nature and brings a sense of movement to the pieces.