Dibbern: Silhouette Collection

Dibbern: Silhouette Collection

A contemporary tableware collection showcased in an array of enticing natural colour hues, created by Bodo for premier German tableware manufacturer Dibbern.

With its distinctive aesthetic and dynamic design, the Silhouette decor is reminiscent of shapes and shadows observed in natural topographies. The intricate motif incorporates a textural element to the design, while a subtle gradient seamlessly merges the colours  into the brilliant white canvas of the fine bone china. The result is a harmonious fusion that exudes both elegance and a touch of organic beauty.

Photography: Fabian Frinzel 

Silhouette Collection

natural colour hues

The accent, abstract tableware decor is available in 4 distinctive colours.


silhouette tableware

The Silhouette collection, amongst other Dibbern collaborations, is crafted from fine bone china and traditionally turned by hand. It continues to cement Bodo Sperlein's longstanding, successful partnership with the manufacturer.