Elle #DesignGoesOn

Elle #DesignGoesOn


the 'Portal' Outdoor furniture and lighting collection is a testament to the fusion of style and durability. Each piece, including a side table, coffee table, stool, and chair, is meticulously created to withstand the elements while elevating the aesthetic of your outdoor space. The materials, ranging from durable powder-coated stainless steel to waterproof fabrics and stone-like surfaces, ensure longevity and resilience in any environment.


Bodo's signature design language is evident throughout, characterized by a harmonious blend of simplicity and sculptural elegance. The recurring S-shape silhouette and organic forms of each piece radiate timeless sophistication, making a captivating statement in any outdoor setting.


An innovative aspect of the collection lies in its versatility. The side table, for instance, can effortlessly transform into a stool with the addition of a seating pad.


These modular lights, whether hung, standing, or used as flat discs, offer flexibility to tailor the outdoor space according to your exact specifications, reflecting your unique style and personality. The versatile flat disk lighting in the 'Portal' collection serves not only as a source of ambient light but also doubles as a practical platform for showcasing your drinks and food during al fresco dining evenings. This innovative feature enhances the functionality of the lighting elements, providing a dual-purpose solution that seamlessly integrates illumination and practicality.


"Before bodo Sperlein studied design at the legendary Camberwell College of Arts in London, he took a ceramics course at the time. Quite simply because he couldn't find the right dishes.

A few years later, the native of Bamberger is one of the great interior designers of our time. His residence in London has remained, just like his eternal quest for the perfect shape, for sculptural pieces that give apartments a gallery flair.


He was able to launch Art Deco fabrics for the textile label nya nordiska and the graphic brass lamp Script for the Austrian crystal manufacturer Lobmeyr before the lockdown.

"Design will again play an even greater role in the post-corona period. People are looking for objects and things they can trust. And with whom they would like to live together for a longer period of time. I believe in longevity in design, that was already the case before Corona."

He is currently launching his bed designs for Bedding Brand Richard Behr and looks optimistically to the future: "Stay safe, stay creative!""