Award winning design Loewe bild 5

Award winning design Loewe bild 5

We've won two international awards with our bild 5 for Loewe: the IF Product Design Award and the DIA Design Award!

This ‘technology with soul’ - as it's been called in the press - continues to engage people and work towards a greater design-awareness within the technology sector.⠀

The IF Award has been running for over fifty years, and attracts over 5,500 from around 59 nations every year, whilst the DIA (Design Intelligence Award) is based in China and celebrates design as 'the carrier of culture'.

Winning two such prestigious awards has been a wonderful testament to our innovative approach to product design. 

Using natural materials in technology design is unusual these days and it raises the profile of the television as an object of craftsmanship, like traditional furniture. Wood gives the product with a timeless quality, improving its longevity and countering today’s throw-away consumer culture.⠀