Dibbern: Tableware Decor Launch Animation

Dibbern: Tableware Decor Launch Animation

Working with Gunter Piekarski, a regular creative collaborator, we worked on developing a range of engaging animations for the launch of two new tableware decors designed for Dibbern.

With the designs inspired and showcasing references from the Bauhaus era of design, we developed the animations taking influence using films and animations from the early 1900's alongside source material from the early works of László Moholy- Nagy as a foundation for the visual language.

Avenues angular and architectural aesthetic is defined by a linear Bauhaus inspired language. The movement truly exemplifies Bodo's reflection on urban pathways: cycling to work through the zigzag streets and alleyways of London's Southbank. The animation therefore visualises this as a bird's eye view, bringing the decor to life.

Sequence takes reference from Airbrushing techniques popular amongst the avant-garde of ceramics designers in the 1930s. The decor creates a pattern of subtle intersecting semi spheres which revives this art deco style to the 21st century.  

Gunter Piekarski