Launch: New Products for Schönbuch at IMM Colonge

Launch: New Products for Schönbuch at IMM Colonge

Launching a new collaboration with Schönbuch at IMM Cologne in 2019. We have developed the Ant Side Table, alongside a flexible Paravant system, Lola. 

These designs are a response to today’s necessity for high-quality functional furniture with engaging and timeless aesthetics that change the atmosphere of any interior. Keeping current lifestyle trends at the forefront, these new designs confirm that furniture can be both multifunctional and alluring, combined with vibrant and playful colour combinations that radiant elegance. 

Visit us at the Schönbuch stand: E009 D008 located in Hall 03.2.

View the full Schönbuch project here


The multi-functionality of the paravent enables you to transform spaces by choosing unique add-on elements such as shelves, hooks and a mirror. Available in three, four or five panels, they can be lacquered in different shades, in either matt or a high-gloss finish. 


The side table with it's distinctive and progressive structure adds character to the contemporary home. Available in two playful colours, it is an ideal contrasting addition to an interior, making it the focal point of any room.