Lobmeyr Script Chandelier

Lobmeyr Script Chandelier

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The Lobmeyr Script Chandelier is part of a lighting collection inspired by the Viennese Art Deco. The concept allows for many different applications, starting from a 3-arm chandelier it features table and floor lamps as a wall mounted lamp.

Made by Lobmeyr's skilled craftspeople, each light is handmade and assembled in the heart of Vienna. 

The chandelier can be made with any number of arms or spun into a room-spanning installation with countless lighting units. Each lighting unit is an LED-element that can be controlled and dimmed via DALI or with a mobile app via Bluetooth.

The fixtures are made of bent brass arms and frosted mouth-blown crystal domes. Alongside the gold, the frame elements are also available in a nickel finish.

Designed by Bodo Sperlein for Lobmeyr

Photography & Styling: Jon DayHannah Franklin

For more information or to place an order please email studio@bodosperlein.com