WienerBlut: Bottle Toppers

In collaboration with Viennese silversmith Jarosinski & Vaugoin, Bodo Sperlein has created a series of sculptural silver perfume bottle toppers for the iconic perfumer WienerBlut inspired by the Orlo range.

The rippled flacon toppers transform each bottle into an elegant keepsake. Each silver stopper is manufactured by hand in Jarosinski and Vaugoin’s historic Vienna workshop and is available in two varieties. One crowns with a twisted sphere shape, and the other features a flat top. The flat-top allows for the engravement of a monogram, the ultimate personalisation. The designs are inspired by and adapt the Orlo range’s Wiener Secession language into a miniature, covetable favour. 


Photography by Fabian Frinzel


WienerBlut was founded by Alexander Lauber in 2008. After years of extensive research of 19th century Viennese perfume formulas and experimenting with some of the obscure raw materials used at the time, Lauber deconstructed several historical compositions, which lead to the release of the first WienerBlut fragrance, Klubwasser, in 2009.

The term "Wiener Blut" was first coined in 1873, the same year Vienna hosted the 5th World Fair. Translating to Viennese Blood, the expression seeks to describe the particular attitude of the Viennese people, shaped by the unique cultural and diverse ethnic background of the late 19th-century Austro-Hungarian metropolis. 

The perfumer's nine fragrances are heavily inspired by scents from the Wiener Moderne period. The flacons toppers, that also pay homage and celebrate the Wiener Werkstätte, are a naturally good match for WienerBlut’s fragrance ethos, as they share a common fascination with the period, both sharing a passion for materiality, craftsmanship and manual finishing.

Alexander Lauber in the WienerBlut lab in Vienna.