Tane: Porcelain Collection

Tane: Porcelain Collection

A tableware collection with a dynamic and organic touch that embraces the same graceful forms as Tane's renowned silverware .

The Pomona collection takes its name from the Roman goddess associated with fruitfulness, and embraces the same graceful forms and meticulous surface detailing found in Tane's renowned silverware. Drawing inspiration from stormy skies and the atmospheric paintings of Turner, the Tempest pattern adds a dynamic and organic touch to the pieces, evoking a sense of movement.

Throughout history, porcelain has been considered a luxurious material often traded alongside silverware in prestigious houses since the 15th century. Reflecting this historical connection, Bodo conceptualised a porcelain range that would expand Tane's market reach and establish it as a leading fine-dining brand in Mexico.

Despite Tane's esteemed reputation, the brand had not exhibited in Europe for decades until 2014, necessitating a contemporary revitalisation to firmly place it in the 21st century. Bodo spearheaded a fresh creative direction that honoured the company's heritage while reinforcing its presence in the modern marketplace.

Photography: Matteo Manduzio, Michael Donath & Jon Day


Porcelain collection

The company’s history is rich with cross-cultural links and interesting exchanges; during the 1960’s Tane’s work was collected by a glamorous following of celebrities and royalty, including Jackie Kennedy, Oscar de la Renta and Brigitte Bardot, whilst in the 70’s influential artists and architects were invited to design silver pieces, such as Mathias Goeritz and Leonora Carrington. The company also produced silverware for Tiffany for over 18 years, replicated the Louvre’s collection of Rococo silverware and in the early 90’s founded a school in Brittany, ensuring the future of silver craftsmanship in France.