Tane: London Design Festival

From 2014 to 2016 Bodo acted as Creative and Strategic Consultant for Tane, a Mexican silverware brand with a reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship.

During London’s Design Festival 2012, the newest branch of the Mallett Gallery in Dover Street hosted an exhibition of our Tane silverware.

As one of London’s most famous antique dealers, originally founded by a jeweller and silversmith, it was a poignant setting for a collection that brings together the historical and the contemporary. Substantial press coverage in the Financial Times’ How to Spend It and the Daily Telegraph’s Luxury heightened Tane’s international reputation.

Despite the brand's prestige, until 2014 Tane had not exhibited in Europe in decades and needed an injection of modernity to bring it firmly into the 21st century. Bodo implemented a new creative direction, honouring the company’s history whilst strengthening their presence in the contemporary marketplace.

Taking inspiration from their archives, he designed a substantial range of silver heritage pieces and introduced the brand to a wider material palette, using porcelain, stone and wood as well as silver. Bodo also directed product launch events in Paris, Munich and London, gaining greater global exposure for Tane and reviving their position as a silverware specialist known for its bold designs and flawless quality.

The company’s history is rich with cross-cultural links and interesting exchanges; during the 1960’s Tane’s work was collected by a glamorous following of celebrities and royalty, including Jackie Kennedy, Oscar de la Renta and Brigitte Bardot, whilst in the 70’s influential artists and architects were invited to design silver pieces, such as Mathias Goeritz and Leonora Carrington. The company also produced silverware for Tiffany for over 18 years, replicated the Louvre’s collection of Rococo silverware and in the early 90’s founded a school in Brittany, ensuring the future of silver craftsmanship in France.

Tane Silver Dune Bowl at Mallet Design Exhibition
Tane Silver Voliere Bowls at Mallet Design Exhibition
Tane Silver Collection at Mallet Design Exhibition