Tane: Brochure & Packaging

From 2014 to 2016 Bodo acted as Creative and Strategic Consultant for Tane, a Mexican silverware brand with a reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship.

Working with the in-house creative team we directed the packaging and brochure design that accompanied our first product range for Tane.

The brochure showcases this substantial range, including silver heritage pieces and those that introduced the brand to a wider material palette, including porcelain, stone and wood.

Bodo also initiated launch events in Paris, Munich and London, gaining greater global exposure for Tane and reviving their position as a silverware specialist known for its bold designs and flawless quality.


Tane silver Tane porcelain
Bodo Sperlein For TANE Brochure Cover
Bodo Sperlein For TANE Brochure
Bodo Sperlein For TANE Packaging