Jarosinski & Vaugoin: Onda II

Onda is transformative by nature, both in its modular design and contrasting finishes. The interaction of the different materials of each version changes how it relates to its setting. The walnut wood evokes a solidity and warmth.



The silver components were designed by Jaronski and Vaugoin, who have been producing some of the world's finest silverware for more than 170 years in their Viennese workshop. This collaboration is indicative of a new direction for a traditional company. 

The Onda collection revives the historical purpose of centrepieces in the twenty-first century. "Onda" derives from the Latin "Unda", meaning wave. It captures the fluidity and flexibility that Onda brings to the dining experience. The individual elements that make up the Onda can reconfigure in endless arrangements, both versatile and elegant. 

Photography by Jon Day