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Responsible for the world’s first electronic film transmission in 1931, Loewe is an iconic name in home entertainment technologies with an eminent history.  Bodo’s direction succeeded in reasserting Loewe’s position at the leading edge of contemporary technology design.



The bild x represents a statement of bold and visionary design. By harnessing LG's state-of-the-art OLED technology, renowned for its unrivalled flexibility and innovation, he created a television that pushes the boundaries of aesthetics. Bodo's vision was to seamlessly merge cutting-edge technology with high-end materials, resulting in a synthesis of artistry and domestic functionality. Anodised metal, marble, and textiles were carefully selected to reflect this harmonious fusion.

Photography: Tom Baker

Art Direction: Lisa Jahovic

loewe bild x

Inspired by the geometric elegance of mid-century graphics and the principles of Bauhaus architecture, he utilised the inherent weight and stability of marble to anchor the delicate frame of the bild x. This juxtaposition of materials creates a captivating visual and tactile experience.



The award winning bild 9 elevates the television from an overlooked, utilitarian item to a sculptural centrepiece.

For the majority of its recent history, technology products have been consigned to a purely functional role and are often hidden or intrusively disrupt a space. With a striking aesthetic presence, the bild 9 overthrows this common convention.

loewe bild 9

The design reimagines how a technology product can be integral to an interior through its visual elegance even when not in use. Drawing inspiration from line sculpture and constructivism, the frame is a design statement that combines art and technology.



Overturning the idea that audio systems should be discreet if not invisible, the bold aesthetic of the klang 9 makes a statement that pushes the boundaries of technology design.

Photography: Jake Curtis

Art Direction: Hana Al-Sayed

loewe klang 9

The klang 9 speaker system is the companion design to the bild 9, with the same striking form inspired by line sculpture and constructivism. These three-way active speakers project a flawless, powerful audio, as they have four digital amplifiers that allow for an impressive range of sound.



By incorporating natural materials into the design of televisions, an unconventional approach in the realm of technology, the profile of these devices is elevated to that of meticulously crafted furniture. Loewe, with its factory located in Bavarian Germany, embraces the use of wood, reestablishing the connection between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. This infusion of natural elements bestows a timeless quality upon the products, enhancing their longevity and standing in contrast to the prevailing throw-away consumer culture of today.

loewe bild 5

The bild 5 series embodies a harmonious fusion of futuristic OLED technology, warm minimalism, and classical allusions, earning it the reputation of "technology with soul." This remarkable range presented several technical challenges that were skilfully overcome. The objective was to create televisions that aligned with Loewe's longstanding tradition of offering three interchangeable stand solutions, while simultaneously revolutionising their aesthetic appeal.


loewe bild 5

colour code

Loewe launched the bild 5 Colour Code series at IFA 2018. Inspired by the colour theories created during the Bauhaus movement, Colour Code introduces 3 new colours to the bild 5 family.


IFA 2016