Setting the table with Bodo Sperlein

Setting the table with Bodo Sperlein

The dining table has been a gathering place for generations. From casual get-togethers with family and friends to milestone celebrations, the table has come to take centre stage in our homes. Research by Italian chef Giovanni Rana found that a quarter of British people consider the dining table the heart of the home, and over half say that mealtime conversation is where they learn more about each other; in our homes, the dining table has become a vital space for gathering, commemoration and sharing.

There are two key ingredients (aside from the diners themselves) that contribute the pleasure of dining: the choice of food, and tableware. Creating both visual beauty and setting the mood are integral parts of tablescaping, the art of decoratively arranging the tabletop, a trend that’s currently taking Instagram by storm. Taking time to tablescape elevates even the humblest of meals to something indulgent and spirit-lifting, a playful way to take joy in the small things in life.

With Bodo Sperlein’s designer tableware, the boundaries between decoration and utility are blurred; the plate is at once an art piece, and a functional object; the bowl is half sculpture, half practical. Our boundary pushing designs are created to make a statement on the table.


How to approach tablescaping? The tabletop should be expressive and tell a story; start with a colour, theme or tablecloth base and build the aesthetic from there. Don’t be afraid to break rules; match materials, clash patterns, juxtapose shapes. In this shoot for Anthology, our veined Carrara and watery Pomona Tempest plates chime perfectly with the marble backdrop, creating a subtle, calming feel.

Forget that you are dealing in plates, bowls and cutlery; think of the table as a canvas where you can be creative and think of your tableware as elements of an artwork.

Our shapely, flower-inspired Blossom range makes an impression on every tabletop. Create a floral meadow by layering them, or opt for accent blooms with one or two pieces. Have mostly monochrome tableware? Mix in a Blossom bowl in pale pink or soft blue to add a fresh dimension. Their pastel tones work especially well when combined with a delicate, fruity dessert.



Consider the materiality of the table. If you have a wooden base like Table 988, silver accessories add elegance. For a dramatic feel, a larger flash of silver such as the Dune Bowl or Rhythm Candelabra add a real sense of luxury.

Be disruptive - hide something surprising in the Equus butter dish; fill the White Sculptural vase with foraged finds; transform a Goldline beaker into a candle holder.



Dialogue is a key element to every meal, and our ONDA centrepiece is a true conversation starter. Part art object, part serving platter, its exquisite small silver vessels can be filled with delicious morsels from canapés to palette cleaners and petit fours; the most beautiful way to begin or round off an evening around the table, finding out new things about one another.



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For more inspiration, see the beautiful Anthology photoshoot, styled by Anna Mackie and visit us on Instagram. Dinner is about so much more than food.


Anthology photoshoot:

Styling: Anna Mackie

Photography: Andy Gore

Client: Anthology


ONDA photoshoot:

Styling: Jessica Jung

Photography: Fabian Frinzel