Product Launch: Loewe bild 4

Product Launch: Loewe bild 4

Bodo Sperlein introduces another product launch for Loewe: the bild 4 OLED set, a minimal addition to the Loewe television portfolio designed to offer an accessible television design that combines the best of technology with the highest craftsmanship.

Bodo Sperlein has created what is Loewe’s take on a “one box” 55” TV set. Cleverly packaged, coming with Loewe’s signature ultra-slim 4.9mm display, integrated sound bar, sleek table stand and a simple intuitive operating system. The bild 4 continues to offer Loewe's signature state-of the-art technology, with the latest OLED technology on its 55” screen. The black table stand is accentuated by a fine contrasting matt graphite frame, reinforcing its lightness in appearance.

To emphasise the flexibility of the bild 4 television, we orchestrated the "POP TV" campaign together with Studio Small, photographer Thomas Baker and set designer and stylist Lisa Jahovic. Inspired by a David Hockney colour regime, Wayne Thiebaud cakes and pop themed pastels, the bild 4 comes to life in a truly playful setting.