Vienna Vibes at Bonadea For London Craft Week 2022

09 May 2022

As part of  London Craft Week 2022, a collection of Bodo Sperlein's latest designs for various collaborations, including that of Lobmeyr, WienerBlut and Jarosinski & Vaugoin, were displayed at Bonadea in Belgravia, exploring the theme 'Vienna Vibes'.



Bonadea, situated on Pimlico Road, masterfully displays luxury home decor pieces, and whose atmosphere aligned perfectly to display Bodo Sperlein’s latest designs that encapsulate his passion for the Vienna modernism style.

Walking into the emporium of grandeur tableware, the ‘Onda’ centrepiece collection for Jarosinski & Vaugoin was easy to spot with its distinct intertwining of silver and wood. Also on display, the ‘Orlo’ collection, a range of silver and wooden pieces including that of bowls, vases, lidded containers and a silver tray, stands to redefine 21st century table culture. 

Continuing with the exploration of silver’s extraordinary qualities, Bodo Sperlein’s collection in collaboration with Jarosinski & Vaugoin for the couture perfume house WienerBlut sat close-by. A series of sculptural silver perfume bottle toppers with various styles sparked conversation into how silver can be moulded to be the highlight of every room.

Beginning its global premiere, ‘Moire’, the latest collection by Sperlein for Lobmeyr, explores new realms of Vienna’s style. Ultra-thin and hand-blown glassware, consisting of carafes, a candy dish and an array of glassware has been engraved to resemble the Moire traditional French silk-weaving technique. Available in a variety of bright tones, this collection makes its first debut in time for outdoor dining.

To complete Bodo Sperlein’s vision of ‘Vienna Vibes’, nya nordisha Balbo curtains, as well as Blast and Blitz cushions; that were inspired by Viennese Modernism, were also on display, allowing for the space to be endlessly manipulated and transformed.