Loewe OLED Campaign Directed by Bodo Sperlein

22 March 2018

Designed to highlight the signature OLED screens, Bodo directed a visual campaign to be displayed on our most recent Loewe designs at IFA Berlin.

It is the intensity of the black that gives incredible definition, colours and contrast. With this in mind, Bodo’s concept for the campaign was based upon still-life paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, with their dark backdrops and dramatically lit objects.

Together with Studio Small, photographer Jake Curtis and set designer Hana Al-Sayed, Bodo Sperlein produced the OLED campaign that was screened on the bild x, bild 9 and bild 5 at IFA.

You can see more about the Loewe stand here.

The OLED campaign highlights the signature Loewe OLED screens, coming to life through Bodo's vision in a narrative of nostalgic florals, food and contemporary still-life objects of organic textures and natural materials.