Loewe bild 9 Exhibition Neue Werkstatten

Loewe: Munich Event

From 2016 to 2018 Bodo held the position of Creative Director, reinvigorating the brand through innovative product collections, as well as advertising campaigns, brochures, new brand language, concepts for trade fairs and events.

In June 2017, Bodo directed an event for Loewe in Munich, collaborating with Sammlung Goetz and the German design community.

Held at interior design store Neue Werkstatten, the event brought together the prestigious gallery and Architectural Digest Germany. The bild 9, klang 9 and bild 5 were showcased, displaying the work of notable abstract artist and DJ Gerwald Rockenschaub.

The exhibition also featured furniture by Kettal and wall paint by The Little Greene Company and brought together an eclectic mix of design-focussed individuals.


Loewe bild 5 Exhibition Neue Werkstatten


Loewe bild 5 Exhibition Neue Werkstatten


Responsible for the world’s first electronic film transmission in 1931, Loewe is an iconic name in home entertainment technologies with an eminent history. Bodo’s direction succeeded in reasserting Loewe’s position at the leading edge of contemporary technology design.


Loewe bild 9 Exhibition Neue Werkstatten


Loewe bild 5 Exhibition Neue Werkstatten


Loewe Exhibition Neue Werkstatten


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