Launching our ‘statement TV’ at IFA: Loewe bild x

Launching our ‘statement TV’ at IFA: Loewe bild x

A few days ago at IFA we unveiled our most recent project for the luxury technology brand, Loewe: the bild x. Using the capabilities of OLED technology we are radically altering the aesthetic of TV.

The development of OLED panels are a pivotal moment in technology design, similar to the groundbreaking introduction of flat screen television displays. Harnessing the properties of this versatile technology, the bild x is  our latest concept design for Loewe.

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the screen hangs from a delicate metal frame, stabilised by a circular slab of marble. This innovative and unique material palette transforms the television into a piece of sculpture, matching technical quality with aesthetic quality.

‘Loewe unveils ultra-thin statement TV with a slender golden frame’ - Dezeen

Photography: Andreas Bohlender