Dibbern Black Forest

Dibbern Black Forest

The Black Forest collection is born of a partnership between Bodo Sperlein and German china manufacturer Dibbern, who share our interest in combining historic arts with contemporary aesthetic.

Craftsmanship is essential; over 75% of Dibbern’s production involves manual processes and it is this attention to detail that ensures our designs are made to the highest quality. Each item in our Black Forest tableware range is handmade, using traditional methods and expertise to give these pieces their luxury finish.

Holloware, such as teapots and cups are cast in plaster moulds, but must then be fettled, smoothed and the handles precisely attached by hand, to ensure each is uniform.

Likewise plates are spun on the wheel, rather than mass produced by press. This gives the porcelain a higher density so that even fragile items have a longer lifespan.

The pieces must then be meticulously stacked to undergo multiple kiln firings which take over 40 hours each, before the detailed tree motif is applied by hand. For our festive Golden Forest design, this uses a delicate 24 carat gold leaf. To see our full Golden Forest tableware range, click here.

Finally, the making journey is at an end. Hours of collaborative design, skilled craftsmanship and detailed execution result in a dinnerware collection that unites a timeless aesthetic with undeniable quality.

Inspired by the elegant starkness of winter trees, Black Forest is one of our prominent sets of tableware, frequently used in renown Michelin-star restaurants worldwide like the Ledbury and The Greenhouse.