Celebrate Red

Celebrate Red

Yuautcha is one of the renowned restaurants in London where you can find Bodo Sperlein’s design for Nikko.

We headed over the river to celebrate Chines New Year and the launch of Yauatcha Life's first magazine. As we made our way along the bustling streets of Soho, where Broadwick Street meets Berwick Street, the playful blue glow of Yauatcha’s interior draws intrigue without wholly revealing what’s beyond.  

Annually printed, Yautcha Life offers ‘a collection of poetry, short stories, illustrations and photo essays celebrating the unique culture, tradition and heritage associated with Yauatcha.’ With contributors to the first issue including food and travel writer Gizzi Erskine, photographer Joe Woodhouse, actress and writer Vera Chok, and writer and editor of At The Table Miranda York, the publication offers a variety in observations of Chinese food culture and interpretations of Yauatcha's spirit. This edition also features an interview with Bodo Sperlein where he discusses with Miranda York his inspiration when designing tableware and the great honour he feels when working with chefs.


“Chefs are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and that gives me a lot of inspiration”





Downstairs we discovered the hubbub of Yauatcha’s kitchen. With flurries of steam and heavenly aromas filling the air, it’s hard not to become fixated with the mastered precision the chefs demonstrate in creating Yauatcha's dishes. 

In Chinese culture the colour red symbolises joy and good fortune. With this in mind, Yauatcha’s entire array of petits gateaux have been made red to celebrate Chinese New Year. From their signature Raspberry delice and Chocolate pebble desserts, to the more recent additions of Blackberry tart and Coconut lime.