Bodo Sperlein at Die Neue Sammlung

11 November 2022

We are pleased to announce that a varied selection of designs by Bodo Sperlein are now part of the permanent collection of the prestigious Die Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich.

With over 100,000 catalogued items, Die Neue Sammlung is among the world’s largest design collections. The collection covers several different areas, encompassing Product and Industrial Design, Furniture and Graphic Design. Ceramics and glass are focal areas, as are Jewellery and Appliances, with pieces being selected for their unique qualities and innovations. 

The list of Bodo's works included in the collection includes designs for Tane silver, Nikko ceramics, Loewe technology and nya nordiska textiles.


Photography: Michael Donath, Fabian Frinzel, Volker Lammers, Jake Curtis

Styling for nya nordiska: Milia Seyppel

Styling for Bild 9: Hana Al-Sayed

Dune and Ravine bowls, designs for Tane Mexico

Sensu and Landscape collections for Nikko Japan

Blossom and Blossom Goldine ceramics for Nikko Japan

Cloud plates, Macaroon lidded boxes and spoons for Nikko Japan

Blitz textile in Graphite, Boja textile in Midnight, Balbo CS in Ivory, Designs for nya nordiska textiles

Boom recycled felt in Powder, Design for nya nordiska textiles

Bild 9 OLED television. Designed for Loewe