Contourline Side Table Bronze

The Contourline furniture range is inspired by the clean, organic silhouettes and elegant simplicity of the 20th century Art Nouveau movement.

This range is incredibly unique both in terms of aesthetic and manufacture, pushing boundaries by using complex and innovative techniques compared to traditional furniture making.

Designed and produced by Bodo Sperlein. 

Photography & Styling: Jon DayThomas Baker & Katie Phillips

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Product Name: Contourline Console Table Bronze
Brand: Bodo Sperlein
Materials: Cast Bronze

Delivery Instructions: We will contact you to arrange shipping and delivery.

Bespoke finishes are also available upon request.


Height: 455mm
Width: 450mm
Length: 350mm

Bodo has worked with sand casting before on the Triangelis commission, but working in bronze is a brand new experience. This material allows for much finer and thinner designs, and more opportunity to experiment with texture through a process of patination. The intention was to work with the bronze, not against it, and contrasting the polished underside with the tactile patina exemplifies both the versatility and the timelessness of the material. 

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