Oval Plate


Handmade fine bone china oval plate, designer tableware which complements your dinnerware set. Available in different sizes.

A clean form is paired with the subtly decorative qualities of carrara marble to create a collection that adds a timeless elegance to any table. Each fine bone china piece is turned and finished by hand in a traditional, labour-intensive process that guarantees the finest quality.

Designed by Bodo Sperlein for Dibbern.

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Product Name: Black Forest Oval Plate
Sizes: 15cm, 24cm, 32cm, 39cm
Decors: Golden Forest, Black Forest
Brand: Dibbern
Materials: Fine Bone China

This product is dishwasher and microwave safe



Height: 1.5cm
Width: 15cm
Depth: 9cm


Height: 2.5cm
Width: 24cm
Depth: 14cm


Height: 2cm
Width: 32cm
Depth: 26cm


Height: 2cm
Width: 39cm
Depth: 33cm

It is Dibbern’s traditional methods of making and expertise that give this collection its luxury finish.

The craftsmanship is essential: holloware, such as teapots and cups, are cast in plaster moulds, then fettled, smoothed and the handles precisely attached by hand, to ensure each is uniform.

The plates are spun, rather than produced by press. This gives the porcelain a higher density so that even fragile items have a longer lifespan. Bodo’s delicate tree motif is also applied to the fine china by hand.