Silva Marble




The silva collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and an exploration of the elegance and materiality of marble, with each piece handmade in Portugal.

A collection of statement sculptural pieces, where profiled marble slabs are artfully arranged in a circular configuration, forming the foundation of each exquisite design. At the heart of these creations lies the distinctive central column, which takes on various forms, including a dining table, a round table, and a side table. Embracing the essence of sculptural furniture, these pieces boldly challenge conventional norms, redefining the very concept of what furniture can be, all while maintaining their practical functionality.



The pieces are available in several distinctive types of marble. This includes the exclusive Estremoz Pink marble, found only in the Estremoz Anticline, Portugal - one of the greatest marble extraction sites in the world. This highly demanded marble is internationally renowned as one of the finest and known for its outstanding aesthetic and physical qualities. 

Estremoz Marble has been explored since the days of the Roman Empire, previously used to create monuments and antique sculptures.



Marble is associated with elegance and lasting value. Whether clear white with light marbling, in colour gradations from grey to beige or in intensive, dark hues with compelling marbling effects – the stone has a precious brilliance. 

It possesses exceptional durability and longevity. The medium also impresses with its sustainable potential, the central column is formed from the remainder of the marble cutting, meaning no material is wasted.

Silva in latin translates to ‘forest’ or ‘woodland’.


Milan Design Week

New variants Silva Collection on display at "Illuminata" exhibition curated by Bodo Sperlein. 

Layers exhibition photography by Fabian Frinzel and Schnepp Renou 


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