MAYU Armchair



MAYU represents Sperlein's debut venture into upholstery seating, embodying a harmonious fusion of geometric precision and graceful curves. Meticulously crafted with unwavering attention to detail, MAYU features the Charlie wool bouclé fabric from nya nordiska. While the original pink berry shade accentuates the armchair's form, MAYU offers an expanded colour range to cater to diverse preferences, allowing for personalisation.


Derived from the Japanese word 'mayu,' meaning cocoon, the name beautifully captures the enveloping nature of this extraordinary piece. It symbolises the inviting and comforting design that epitomises MAYU, while also carrying connotations of "home" in various languages.

MAYU transcends the traditional club chair by seamlessly bridging the gap between a settee and a chair. Its soft, flowing lines and linear, sculptural appearance evoke both familiarity and a modern aesthetic, pushing the boundaries of design.


Making of

With its unwavering dedication to comfort and design, MAYU becomes a timeless centrepiece in contemporary spaces. Whether chosen in the original pink berry shade or one of the colour options, MAYU continues to captivate with its striking presence, elevating interiors to new heights of sophistication and style.

Photography: Fabian Frinzel


On the Mayu Armchair