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lola & ant

Designer contemporary furniture, a multipurpose room divider, serving as a home office or room partition with different settings and customisable. Available in a range of colours


Lola, the award-winning paravant reimagined as a room divider. In response to the growing popularity of open-plan living and working spaces, Bodo Sperlein presents a contemporary solution that revitalises the concept of privacy and intimacy while maintaining a focus on aesthetics.

The Lola Room Divider offers adaptability and visual elegance in three, four, or five-panel configurations. Each panel can be finished in a range of lacquered shades, available in both matte and high-gloss options. Enhancing its versatility, the paravant can be personalised with additional elements on both sides, including shelves at various heights, hooks, and a mirror.


3 panels

Height: 1750mm

Width: 1650mm

Depth: 25mm

4 panels

Height: 2200mm

Width: 1750mm

Depth: 25mm

5 panels

Height: 2750mm

Width: 1750mm

Depth: 25mm

available colours

Available in three, four or five panels, adaptability and visual elegance are two key concepts inherent in the Lola Room Divider. The individual panels can be lacquered in different shades, in either a matt or a high-gloss finish. Building upon this, there are various add-on elements that can personalise both sides of the paravant, including shelves at various heights, hooks and a mirror.

ant table

The Ant side table, a three-legged side table with a rounded top, has a distinctive and progressive structure. Drawing inspiration from the form of traditional and antique wrought iron firedogs, the table's legs create a striking sculptural silhouette that brings a touch of character to modern interiors. This distinctive design adds a sense of sophistication and visual interest to any living space.

Photograph: Jon Day



Height: 560mm

Width: 450mm

Depth: 450mm


available colours

Available in a wide range of colours, for details please contact