Bronze Collection



This limited edition masterpiece showcases the exploration of bronze as a medium.

The Bench adopts the elegant silhouette that defines the Contourline Collection and translates it into bronze, enhancing its unique and sculptural characteristics. Pushing the boundaries of traditional furniture-making, this design employs complex and innovative techniques to create a truly exceptional piece.


bench size

Height: 450

Width: 1200mm

Depth: 300mm


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Bronze is associated with high value. The use of this material imparts the same sense of validity as when it is used in sculpture and architecture. Historically, bronze statues have depicted gods across many civilizations, informing the distinguished perception of the material. The medium also impresses with its sustainable quality as it possesses exceptional longevity. 


side table

Bronze allows for much finer and thinner designs, and more opportunity to experiment with texture through a process of patination. Embracing the inherent qualities of bronze, rather than resisting them, the collection masterfully juxtaposes the polished underside with the inviting tactility of the patina, showcasing both the versatility and enduring appeal of this remarkable material.


side table size

Height: 455mm

Width: 450mm

Depth: 296



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The commitment to craftsmanship is ever present, from master metal-caster Martin Horky, based in their foundry in the Czech Republic. The process by which melted metal is poured into a mould that has been sculpted using sand was first recorded by Vannoccio Biringuccio in a book published around 1540. The method was an industrial mainstay for centuries, but fell out of fashion in favour of mechanisation for speed and efficiency. Now sand casting is favoured by artisans and designers who have a love for the history and heritage of this style of making.

Photography credits: Atelier Courbet, Jon Day