Tane Silver Voliere Teapot  Tane- Bodo Sperlein Home accessories
Tane Silver Voliere Teapot  Tane- Bodo Sperlein Home accessories

Tane Silver Voliere Teapot

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Voluptuous in form and highly intricate in detail, the Mexican silver and vermeil feathers are both opulent and delicate. The Voliere Teapot is a modern silverware design for a traditional object, progressing the trajectory of a time-honoured material, bringing a ceremonial value to our daily dining.

Designed by Bodo Sperlein for Tane.

For more information or to place an order please email studio@bodosperlein.com

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Designed to revisit and rejuvenate Tane’s historical designs, the Voliere collection pays homage to the iconic cockerel that appears in the brand’s archive. These sophisticated pieces reinstate the longevity and authenticity of silver within the heart of the modern home, for future generations to cherish.

Tane are a Mexican luxury silverware company whose craftsmanship reflects their rich cultural history. Their silversmiths train for five years before qualifying, a testament to the skill and precision required to work with silver.

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Voliere Teapot designed by Bodo Sperlein, designed for Luxury Silver brand Tane. Made in Mexico

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Tane Workshop Silversmith, Silver Manufacture of Bodo Sperlein Silver