Contourline Side Table

The Contourline furniture range is inspired by the clean, organic silhouettes and elegant simplicity of the 20th century Art Nouveau movement.

Made in the UK by skilled British craftsmen, each piece takes a week to produce by hand. The wood is individually selected by hand in order to ensure as much consistency as possible with the wood grain, and is produced from multiple planks  providing extra overall stability.

This range is incredibly unique both in terms of aesthetic and manufacture, pushing boundaries by using complex and innovative techniques compared to traditional furniture making. It is available in Black Walnut, Oak, and an Engineering Grade timber, alongside beech finished using Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese charring technique which highlights the textures and details in the wood, all of which complement a variety of interiors.

Designed and produced by Bodo Sperlein. 

Photography & Styling: Jon DayThomas Baker & Katie Phillips

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Product Name: Contour Console Table
Brand: Bodo Sperlein
Materials: Black Walnut or Shou Sugi Ban

Delivery Instructions: We will contact you to arrange shipping and delivery.

Bespoke finishes are also available upon request.


Height: 455mm
Width: 450mm
Length: 296mm

The Console table is a direct descendent of the original Contour table, continuing to push the boundaries of traditional furniture making to honour the wood. The iconic smooth lines of the table translate to a smaller scale, but no less elegant.

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