Swarovski: Unbridaled

Swarovski: Unbridaled

Swarovski commissioned Bodo Sperlein to design a set of memorable tabletop accessories for ‘Crystal Wedding’, a project that bought a selection of world-renowned designers together to celebrate the culture of matrimony through design.

Bodo Sperlein’s contribution looked to Britain’s rich history of silver-smithing, creating dramatic accessories for banqueting which unified silver and crystal. The collection includes spherical silver bowls with legs of crystal, organically shaped pouring bowls, silver bottle stoppers with crystal clusters growing from the top and jewelled cutlery.


Swarovski unbridaled

Swarovski invited 100 of the worlds most influential designers to design items based around the brief of Unbridaled. Our cutlery featured in the exhibition which toured internationally. There was also a coffee table book produced to accompany the collection (Pictured).

The project features ‘Unbridled’, a decadent coffee-table book showcasing some of the biggest names in design, and was launched during the couture shows of Paris in 2008. ‘Crystal Wedding’ kicked off at the wonderful palace, Monnaie de Paris with an amazing group exhibition which then travelled around the world for over a year.