Schönbuch: Lola Paravant

Schönbuch: Lola Paravant

In collaboration with Schönbuch, a renowned German company dedicated to contemporary and design-focused furnishings, Lola showcases the perfect fusion of functionality and allure in furniture.

Lola, the award-winning paravant reimagined as a room divider. In response to the growing popularity of open-plan living and working spaces, Bodo Sperlein presents a contemporary solution that revitalises the concept of privacy and intimacy while maintaining a focus on aesthetics.

The Lola Room Divider offers adaptability and visual elegance in three, four, or five-panel configurations. Each panel can be finished in a range of lacquered shades, available in both matte and high-gloss options. Enhancing its versatility, the paravant can be personalised with additional elements on both sides, including shelves at various heights, hooks, and a mirror.

Photography: Jon Day

With Lola, spaces are transformed, boundaries are reestablished, and style is elevated, making it a truly versatile and captivating addition to any environment.