New - Schönbuch: Paravant and Side Table

Bodo Sperlein announces two new products showcasing at IMM Cologne 2019

Collaborating with Schönbuch, a German company that stands for contemporary, design-oriented furnishings, Bodo Sperlein’s new designs confirm that furniture can be both multifunctional and alluring.

The Ant side table, a three-legged side table with a rounded top, has a distinctive and progressive structure. Inspired by the shape of traditional and antique wrought iron firedogs, the legs were designed to create a bold sculptural silhouette that adds character to the contemporary home. 

Following the side table we present Lola, the award-winning paravant that becomes a room divider. It’s a reaction to today’s popularity of open-plan living and working spaces. Reintroducing the paravant into the twenty-first century, Bodo Sperlein has designed a product that promises to transform spaces and restore privacy and intimacy, without neglecting aesthetics. 

Available in three, four or five panels, adaptability and visual elegance are two key concepts inherent in the Lola Room Divider. The individual panels can be lacquered in different shades, in either a matt or a high-gloss finish. Building upon this, there are various add-on elements that can personalise both sides of the paravant, including shelves at various heights, hooks and a mirror.

Photography: Jon Day

Bodo Sperlein Creative Consultancy Process London
Lola Paravant Design Detail