Rolf Benz Table 988 Furniture Designed by Bodo Sperlein, Product Design and Brand Consultancy

Rolf Benz: Table 988

Table 988, the result of an esteemed design partnership with Rolf Benz. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Table 988 embodies the premium essence of Rolf Benz and symbolises the evolving significance of the table in the modern era.

This piece represents a bold departure and introduces a fresh design language, marking a new chapter for the renowned furniture brand.

The table's distinctive allure lies in the seamless integration of fluidity and grace in its legs, harmoniously juxtaposed with the timeless simplicity of the tabletop. This unique fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics exemplifies Bodo's signature design philosophy. Going beyond mere functionality, Table 988 transcends its utilitarian purpose to become a captivating art object, commanding attention as a sculptural centrepiece even when not in use.

Photography: Eduard Rittinger

rolf benz x bodo sperlein

Table 988

The design also expresses the ethos of Rolf Benz: to create furniture that responds to the variety of modern living. Although we are now surrounded by technology and virtual realities, the table continues to define the heart of the home, a centre point that promotes conversation and relationships.



Black Stained Oak

table 988


A contemporary and elegant conversation piece, Table 988 celebrates craftsmanship skills, as only the most accomplished manufacturers can produce such an intricate design in solid wood. Made in Germany, there is flexibility in the materiality and aesthetic; three sizes and a walnut, oak or a stained black oak finish.