nya nordiska: Textiles Collection

Textiles collection designed for nya nordiska premiered at Paris Déco Off 2020.

Natural inspiration morphs with elements of Cubism. Bodo Sperlein announced his vision through his first foray into textiles. “These designs draw upon my fascination with the early movements of cubism and biomimicry in design. Each decor pulls inspiration from a different source creating four unique patterns”.

Captivated by textures and techniques, the range encompasses jacquard, felt and semi-transparent fabrics, each providing a unique set of complex visual characteristics. These dynamic patterns can be interpreted for many diverse, versatile uses; whether as unique upholstery, curtains, or for soft furnishings.

Photography by Volker Lammers

Styling by Milia Seyppel 


Textile epiphany. Cubic shapes are strung together like a collage in the two-tone jacquard of this textile. Its blitz-like lightning shape radiates energy, like stylized graffiti. Available in three soft colors, Blitz gives the lavish fine-grained cotton jacquard a striking visual presence.


The fundamental art of the interior. This expressive, large-format design founded its creative roots in vorticism and as such engages with English modernity, taking its name from the British Vorticist publication BLAST. This art movement emerged in the early days of the 20th century, and Bodo Sperlein has reinvigorated it for the new 20’s. The eye catching graphic effects of Blast’s motif brings a unique ambience and luxurious character to the piece.



Sustainable and tactile. The Bodo Sperlein Edition for nya nordiska is rounded off by the innovative upholstery fabric Boom, which can also be used as a heavy decoration fabric. The printed design on recycled wool combines the look and feel of natural material with sustainability. Its graphic design corresponds to that of Blitz; the two designs are in harmony and can be made up without pattern repeats.


Balbo CS

To the point. The dot elements of this fabric were inspired by one of Bodo’s earlier monoprints. Natural references and craftsmanship are retained and amplified through the textile implementation of the motif; the dots of the semi-transparent decorative fabric are as heterogenous and unique in their outlines as their natural antecedent.


Boja CS - Intricate networking: A network of delicate, filigree-like motifs combines the traditional and the modern in this sensual, naturally inspired piece. Bodo chose nya nordiska's semi-transparent Soufflé CS as the perfect base for this delicate decor, creating a net-like structure over lightweight fabric. The interplay of organic imagery and fine decorative fabric means the design would carry interestingly through large window features. Available in four colours.