Lobmeyr: Script Lighting Series

Our new lighting collection, Script, launches at Maison Objet in collaboration with Lobmeyr.

Combining functionality, innovation and aesthetics, Bodo Sperlein brings Viennese Modernism into the present with the new lighting range “Script” in collaboration with Lobmeyr, which will be premiering at Maison & Objèt trade fair in Paris in September 2019. 

"Script" is inspired by the simple lines within typography, which can be seen in the movement and expression of the lamp arms. 

The collection includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and a wall lamp, as well as different versions of chandeliers. To add to the range, room-filling unique installations of any size are possible within the concept, due to the modular system that can be adapted into a variety of light installations.

Structurally, each piece consists of hand-bent brass bands; in a milled groove, the cables are visibly guided as a design element - a tribute to the principles and material characteristics formulated in Wiener Moderne at the beginning of the 20th century.

The curved arms are available in gold or silver plated finish, together with hemispherical, satin-finished glass domes which sit on flat brass plates, forming an elegant work of art.

Photography by Jon Day

Styling by Hannah Franklin

“Script” enriches any interior with a striking yet warming ambiance, whether used for its primary function or purely as a sculptural object in space. 

Since 1823, the family-run crystal and chandelier manufacturer Lobmeyr has set quality standards. Throughout its history, the traditional Viennese company has been at the forefront of developing every technical innovation in lighting.