Jarosinski & Vaugoin: Onda

Jarosinski & Vaugoin: Onda

The 'Onda' collection, a collaborative creation by Bodo Sperlein and Jarosinski & Vaugoin, celebrates the revival of silver as a modern dining table essential for today's generation. Discover how this collection redefines contemporary elegance and functionality.

 Driven by a passion for revitalising traditional materials and craftsmanship in a modern context, Bodo Sperlein created a range of pieces that showcase the exceptional qualities of silver. The "Onda" collection redefines the concept of the centrepiece in 21st century table culture, infusing it with elegance and timelessness.

Inspired by motion, the exquisite "Onda" fluid glass stand, handcrafted by Viennese glass manufacturer Lobmeyr, features intricately designed interchangeable silver elements that can be arranged in various combinations, offering a dynamic and flexible dining experience.

Photography by Jon Day and Fabian Frinzel

Styling by Hannah Frankli

Glass & Silver

For more than 170 years, Jarosinski & Vaugoin have been producing some of the world’s finest silverware as well as jewelry and art objects for an array of prestigious clients, and have always remained faithful to the values of quality, elegance and usability.

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The Onda collection revitalizes the traditional concept of centrepieces for the modern era. The name "Onda," derived from the Latin word for "wave," perfectly encapsulates the fluidity and adaptability that this collection brings to the dining experience. Each element of the Onda can be effortlessly rearranged in countless configurations, showcasing its versatility and refined elegance.