Lobmeyr: Moiré

Lobmeyr: Moiré

Moiré - a luxury engraved glassware decor created by Bodo Sperlein as part of an ongoing design collaboration with Lobmeyr.

Drawing inspiration from the historic Moire silk-weaving technique, each piece showcases engraved ultra-thin and hand-blown muslin glassware. Moire, derived from the French word meaning "to water," captures the enchanting wavy and rippled texture found in silk.

 Photography by Fabian Frinzel.


The intricate Moiré design is delicately hand-engraved onto Lobmeyr's prestigious Alpha range of a candy dish, tumbler and carafe, introduced in 1952, harmoniously complementing its intricate patterns, and ensuring each piece is distinctive and unique.

Hand engraved Moiré decor

This translation of the captivating Moiré effect onto glass elevates the pattern to new heights, creating an enchanting interplay of light and shadow.

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