Lobmeyr: Moiré

Moiré - a luxury engraved glassware decor created by Bodo Sperlein as part of an ongoing design collaboration with Lobmeyr.

The collection consists of engraved ultra-thin and hand-blown muslin glassware that takes inspiration from the historical Moire silk-weaving technique. Moire is a French word, meaning “to water”. It is an effect applied to silk that creates a wavy or rippled texture, similar to the texture naturally present in wood.

Photography by Fabian Frinzel.


The design is delicately engraved onto Lobmeyr’s Alpha range and is perfectly complemented by the intricate patterns. All pieces are hand-engraved, ensuring their unique appeal. Translating this effect onto glass elevates this pattern to a new level with the shadow-play it creates.

This enduring pattern has now been embossed onto the glass. Using Lobmeyr's iconic designs of a tumbler, carafe and candy dish, the items have been delicately hand-engraved to replicate the style of Moire. The Lobmeyr Alpha was first introduced in 1952, fashioned out of the muslin glass.