Lzf: Voliere and Osca collection

Lzf: Voliere and Osca collection

Unlocking the hidden qualities of timber, through the combination of innovation, master craftsmanship and materiality, the lighting collections 'Voliere' and 'Osca' designed by Bodo for Lzf Lamps, are striking, sculptural centrepieces, that bring a touch of glamour to traditional or contemporary spaces.

Innovative, sustainable designs

Handmade with wood veneer sourced from certified forests, the Voliere and Osca designs exemplify a commitment to responsible woodland management. Employing a sustainable technique called Timberlite, these sculptures are created without the use of harmful chemicals. 

The thoughtfully designed structure and materials of these pieces allow the wood grain texture of the veneer to illuminate, resulting in a captivating interplay of light and shadow, making each design a truly unique work of art.

Photography: Fabian Frinzel and Manuel Toro


Osca comprises of a table lamp and a variant of pendant lights. Wood veneer arch shapes create 3-dimensional upside-down repetitions, which give the pendant and floor light their unique character.

Osca table light

The lighting sculpture is dainty and endearing in size, making it feel at home in a variety of interiors, while the pendant variant can be configured to create a statement piece, with a diverse array of wood veneer colourways allowing for personalisation.

Voliere chandelier

The Voliere chandelier commands attention as an opulent centerpiece, boasting a dramatic, layered appearance that invites an intimate atmosphere. With a bespoke and configurable design, it seamlessly adapts to any residential and commercial settings.

Derived from the original name volieré for outdoor birdhouses, the Voliere collection draws inspiration from feather plumes. Its contemporary interpretation of 1920s Art Deco chandeliers and abstract representation of a Bird of Paradise showcase the arrangement and shape of the veneer elements. Due to the materiality of wood veneer that is used, the Voliere is lightweight, reflecting the feather decor.