Loewe: Raum Digital

From 2016 to 2018 Bodo held the position of Creative Director, reinvigorating the brand through innovative product collections, as well as advertising campaigns, brochures, new brand language, concepts for trade fairs and events.

As part of our comprehensive portfolio for Loewe we worked with Studio Small to create Raum, an online cultural presence for the brand. 

Loewe aimed to re-engage with a younger luxury market. As part of this, running along the Raum Events, the Raum platform gave Loewe a place to host content and create conversations. We believe it's fundamental for a brand to speak to its audience and build an affinity with key customers. The online presence created a new touchpoint that fulfilled this, steering the brand away from predominantly masculine technology competitors and into a more culturally driven home entertainment company. 

Loewe Raum Online Digital - Hamburg Event

The Loewe Raum portal exemplifies our all-encompassing approach to the Loewe brand; alongside rejuvenating the product portfolio, we were tasked with aligning the brand with a new customer base.


The Raum provided a way to ally with tastemakers and cultural institutions whilst giving an insight into Loewe 'behind the scenes'.

Loewe Raum Gerwald Rockenschaub Article
Loewe Raum Mobile