Loewe: bild 5

From 2016 to 2018 Bodo held the position of Creative Director, reinvigorating the brand through innovative product collections, as well as advertising campaigns, brochures, new brand language, concepts for trade fairs and events.

The now unusual use of natural materials in technology design raises the profile of the television as an object of craftsmanship, much like furniture. With Loewe’s factory based in Bavarian Germany, using wood revives the connection between the traditional past and contemporary design. It imbues the product with a timeless quality, which improves its longevity and counters today’s throw-away consumer culture.

Through the blend of futuristic OLED technology, warm minimalism and classical connotations, the bild 5 has been deemed ‘technology with soul’, uniting Loewe’s historic past and innovative future.

Alongside the acclaimed bild 9, in 2018, the bild 5 also gained international recognition from both the IF Design Awards and The DIA

Responsible for the world’s first electronic film transmission in 1931, Loewe is an iconic name in home entertainment technologies with an eminent history. Bodo’s direction succeeded in reasserting Loewe’s position at the leading edge of contemporary technology design.

The bild 5 range prevented a number of technical challenegs. The brief was to create a range of TV's that fitted with Loewe's historic offering of having three interchangeable stand solutions.  We wanted to radically change the aesthetic of these. Working with Loewe's in house technical teams we completely revised the fixing points and engineering behind the stand solutions. The result is a dramatic departure from Loewe's previous mid-portfolio offering.

Loewe Bild 5 CMF Samples
Loewe Bild 5 Development Prototype

Loewe launched the bild 5 Colour Code series at IFA 2018. Inspired by the colour theories created during the Bauhaus movement, Colour Code introduces 3 new colours to the bild 5 family.