Lladro: Jewellery

Exploring the company’s historical identity, Bodo’s designs pay homage to the quality of Lladró’s porcelain through the use of natural and animal forms in tableware, jewellery and home decor.

Bodo designed several collections during his collaboration with luxury Spanish porcelain brand Lladró. 

Bodo’s aim with his collection was to introduce functionality to a company that made purely ornamental pieces. Retaining the decorative quality and highlighting the intricate skill involved in making poetically detailed pieces, Bodo created a collection that significantly broadened Lladró’s product range.

The partnership also encompassed Bodo’s art direction for the marketing of the collections, including creating catalogues and directing the launch at Maison et Objet Paris in 2006. The project incited the interest of a new audience without ostracising Lladró’s existing clientele.

Lladro Lladro lighting
Lladro Magic Forest Jewellery Designed Bodo Sperlein
Lladro Magic Forest Jewellery Designed Bodo Sperlein