Jarosinski & Vaugoin: Orlo

Following Bodo Sperlein’s and Jarosinski & Vaugoin’s collaboration on the Onda range, the Viennese silversmith and Sperlein’s contemporary reimagining of the traditional table centrepiece, Sperlein returns to this partnership with Orlo, a new silverware collection.

The contemporary silver Orlo collection is a series of bowls, vases and trays, which celebrates the elegance of 925 sterling silver; the waved texture of each object creates an architectural, rippling wall and arches that lift and frame each piece and has been designed to pay homage to Viennese Art Nouveau, incorporating some historical elements from the Jarosinski & Vaugoin archive.


Photography by Fabian Frinzel.


For more than 170 years, Jarosinski & Vaugoin has produced some of the world’s finest silverware for an array of prestigious clients and has always remained faithful to the values of quality, elegance and usability. The continuing collaboration between Jarosinski & Vaugoin and Bodo Sperlein is indicative of the new direction for this traditional company, creating guaranteed conversation pieces.

Etymologically, the name “Orlo” is Italian for ‘Seam’, ‘Rim’ or ‘Edge’ which encapsulates the architectural nature of the collection. 

The powerful contrast of process and materials continues to permeate through the collaborating force of Sperlein and Jarosinski & Vaugoin, both in the Onda and Orlo collection, reinstating silver as a contemporary material for the domestic setting whilst maintaining its timelessness and elegance. 

The minimalist yet striking quality reflects Bodo’s inspiration: the Wiener Werkstätte. Beginning in 1903 in Vienna, this movement vacillated between traditional methods of manufacture and a distinctly avant-garde aesthetic, paving the way for the art nouveau movement.  


In both collections, we see the manipulation of silver, casting a contemporary lens onto their body and meaning, with their physicality manipulated in the undulating, curved and smooth forms that frame each piece. These forms are again reminiscent of those developed in the Wiener Werkstätte. 

Harmoniously supervening this collection is the addition of collaborator Wiener Blut, the iconic couture perfumery that united with both Sperlein and Jarosinski & Vaugoin to produce the sculptural perfume bottles and toppers inspired by the Orlo collection.