Contourline | Dining Chair & Side Table

Contourline | Dining Chair & Side Table

The Contourline collection, where innovation meets timeless design. While the processes and techniques continue to evolve, commitment to creating objects that captivate in any setting remains the same.

The Dining Chair and Side Table pieces command attention in any room, whether in use or stand alone, offering visual impact without compromising practicality. At the core of the collection lies a deep reverence for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship, seamlessly blended with modern technological advancements. Each wooden component is meticulously hand-selected and expertly shaped, resulting in sculptural pieces that draw inspiration from the simplicity and organic forms of the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century.

Dining chair & side table

The dedication to tradition extends to the meticulous treatment of the wood, which is available in a range of options including Black Walnut, Oak, Beech, and Engineering Grade timber, as well as a distinctive Black Shou Sugi ban style finish. 

side table

A direct descendant of the original Contourline table, it continues to push the boundaries of traditional furniture making and honours the material of wood. The iconic smooth lines of the table are translated to a smaller scale, showcasing the elegance of the collection.


dining chair

This piece challenges the material of the wood with more complex shapes and fluidity whilst keeping true to the simplicity and tactility of the original Contourline collection.

contourline beech

The chair radiates with elegance as it is crafted from the finest Beechwood. The alluring nature of its sleek design continues to elevate Bodo Sperlein's commitment to craftsmanship.