Contourline Bench | Bronze

The signature design language of the Contourline Collection is enhanced in the distinctive Bench in Bronze.


The limited edition, Contourline Bronze Bench continues to illuminates Bodo's commitment to craftsmanship through the exploration of Bronze as a medium, on a grander scale. 

The Bench applies the distinctive, elegant silhouette of the Contourline Collection to bronze, further enhancing its unique and sculptural nature. The work of design continues to push boundaries by using complex and innovative techniques which subvert traditional furniture making.


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Photo credits: Les Ateliers Courbet 

Bronze allows for much finer and thinner designs, and more opportunity to experiment with texture through a process of patination. The intention was to work with the bronze, and contrasting the polished underside with the tactile patina exemplifies both the versatility and the timelessness of the material. 

Bronze is associated with high value. The use of this material imparts the same sense of validity as when it is used in sculpture and architecture. Historically, bronze statues have depicted gods across many civilizations, informing the distinguished perception of the material. The medium also impresses with its sustainable quality as it possesses exceptional longevity. 

The fluid design is reminiscent of the Japanese influences on the Wiener Secession movement and 20th Century Art Nouveau.