Contour II

The Contour range is growing. As processes and techniques develop, the ethos remains the same. The focus stays on objects that can stand alone in a gallery or a home and hold focus in a room when in use and when left alone. Having visual impact whilst remaining practical is still at the forefront.

Respect for the natural materials and traditional techniques is at the heart of this collection, combined with modern technological processes. The wood is hand selected and shaped by master British craftspeople to create unique sculptural pieces, inspired by the clean organic silhouettes and elegant simplicity of the early 20th century Art Nouveau movement.

This collection is steeped in tradition down to the treatment of the wood. The range is available in Black Walnut, Oak, and an Engineering Grade timber, as well as a Beech which is finished using a technique called Shou Sugi Ban. This is a Japanese charring technique which highlights the textures and details in the wood, all of which complement a variety of interiors. This is an environmentally friendly way to preserve wood through a process of charring, cooling and oiling the wood after it has been shaped. The technique has been used for centuries to protect wood from the elements and help the piece stand the test of time. 

Bodo Sperlein Side Table

Side Table

A direct descendent of the original Contour table, continuing to push the boundaries of traditional furniture making to honour the wood. The iconic smooth lines of the table translate to a smaller scale, but no less elegant.

Bodo Sperlein Contour Chair


This piece challenges the material of the wood with more complex shapes and fluidity whilst keeping true to the simplicity and tactility of the original Contour range.