Contourline Side Table | Bronze

The sculptural and fluid language of the range remains the same, with a new process working with cast bronze. 

The Contourline range is growing. As processes and techniques develop, the ethos remains the same. Bodo has worked with sand casting before on the Triangelis commission, but working in bronze is a brand new experience. This material allows for much finer and thinner designs, and more opportunity to experiment with texture through a process of patination. The intention was to work with the bronze, not against it, and contrasting the polished underside with the tactile patina exemplifies both the versatility and the timelessness of the material. 

The commitment to craftsmanship is ever present, from master metal-caster Martin Horky, based in their foundry in the Czech Republic. The process by which melted metal is poured into a mould that has been sculpted using sand was first recorded by Vannoccio Biringuccio in a book published around 1540. The method was an industrial mainstay for centuries, but fell out of fashion in favour of mechanisation for speed and efficiency. Now sand casting is favoured by artisans and designers who have a love for the history and heritage of this style of making.

Photography by Jon Day