In the Coll.A.B collection Bodo’s Designs come to life, with the help of clothing and accessory designer Alina Oborska. The collaboration is beautifully symbolised by the name itself, which combines the "A" from Alina and the "B" from Bodo, emphasising the collaborative nature of this project.

Uniting Alina's expertise in leather and textiles with Bodo's innovative design approach and materiality, they have curated a timeless capsule collection.

fashion collection

Originally hailing from Kyiv and currently based in Munich, Alina continues to support the K'Alina studio team while bringing her passion for contemporary forms and thoughtful details to the collaboration. A perfect embodiment of these values is found in her distinctive design of the pencil skirt, which gracefully complements the collection.

Ruth Gombert, CEO and founder of Sois Blessed, utilised her passion for connecting people, and instrumental in initiating the collaboration between Bodo and Alina. Bodo’s vision of creating a wrap coat and bag using his nya nordiska fabric comes to life through the support and expertise Ruth brought to the table.

The Coll.A.B range features a Statement Coat, Pencil Skirt, and elegant Aline Bag. As with all Bodo's projects, this collection embraces sustainability and luxury materials. Fine recycled Italian felt and artisanal calf leather have been meticulously chosen to bring these designs to life.

Each piece in the collection is handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail, showcasing a modern and cohesive design language where both the designs and textiles are elevated. The collection is available in Camel & Grey, and Terracotta & Grey colour variations, with the coat and skirt offered in regular and loose sizes.

pencil skirt

The fabric featured in this collaboration is the iconic Boom Felt, originally designed by Bodo for the esteemed international textile brand, nya nordiska. Drawing inspiration from the geometric motifs of the Cubist movement, this pattern is displayed in the world-renowned prestigious design collection at the Neue Sammlung in the Pinakothek der Moderne in Germany.

aline bag

The dynamic patterns of the recycled Boom fabric are beautifully showcased in the clean lines of the "Aline bag," resulting in a geometric aesthetic reminiscent of the Neo-geo conceptual art movement. The meticulously crafted leather trim of the bags provides a defined structure that harmonizes with the graphic lines of the fabric.

COLL.A.B collection


Photographer; Fabian Frinzel

Stylists; Lale Aktay & Ruth Gombert 

Models: Antonia Zahn & Charly Kponton

Textile brand; nya nordiska

Coll.A.B. Logo; Titch Limited London