Cascada Collection

Cascada Collection

A sustainable collection that features sleek and uniquely designed cork elements which possess remarkable acoustic properties.


Cork, a versatile natural material with impressive qualities, takes center stage in these artisanally constructed elements, blending aesthetics and functionality in a remarkable fusion. Layering these forms creates captivating architectural room dividers, avant-garde centrepieces, textural wall hangings, and more. The collection offers a diverse range of typologies and bespoke installations, allowing for endless possibilities.



Beyond its visual appeal, the Cascada Collection boasts the acoustic properties of cork, contributing to sound regulation within a space. As a sound corrector, cork helps create a more neutral sound environment, optimizing the acoustic performance of a room. Harvested from Cork Oak Trees through a process of vertical and horizontal incisions on the trunk, cork extraction causes no harm to the trees. The cork layer naturally regenerates over a nine-year period, making it a sustainable and environmentally conscious material choice. Additionally, cork is recyclable, further enhancing its eco-friendly credentials. 

Bodo Sperlein

Reflecting Sperlein's innovative and pragmatic design approach, the structural elements are curved sheets of cork that gracefully emulate the fluid profile of a water drop.

Photography by Fabian Frinzel

Styled by Nadja Tadjali & Simona Hueberger

Shot at the Diözesanmuseum Freisin