Cascada Collection

The Cascada Collection has been created by Bodo Sperlein. This new portfolio of products comprises sleek, uniquely designed cork elements with acoustic properties.

Cork is a versatile natural material with impressive qualities, and these artisanally constructed elements represent a remarkable blend of aesthetics, biophilia and functionality. Many of these constituent elements can then be assembled in a variety of typologies and bespoke installations.


Photography by Fabian Frinzel

Styled by Nadja Tadjali & Simona Hueberger

Shot at the Diözesanmuseum Freising

Characteristic of Sperlein’s innovative yet pragmatic approach to design and production, the structural elements are formed from curved sheets of cork with a fluid profile reminiscent of a water drop. 

The effect of layering these forms can create architectural room dividers, avant-garde centrepieces, textural wall hangings and much more. The Cascada Collection is not only a visually pleasing addition to any room, but the acoustic properties of cork aid in regulating the sound of a room. It is classed as a sound corrector, which means it can help rooms to sound more neutral and optimise the acoustic performance of a room.

Cork is obtained from Cork Oak Trees by making a vertical, then a horizontal incision on the trunk and carefully removing the cork plank. This process causes no damage to the tree, and the tree will then regenerate the cork layer over a nine year period. Paired with its ability to be recycled, this makes the selection of cork as the principal material a highly environmentally conscious decision. Therefore cork is an ideal choice for use in a sustainable, sophisticated space.